How to produce this documentation

This documentation is produced from source code and some source documentation files using Sphinx. For producing the HTML version of it, follow the following procedure.

If there is no change in the list of modules

  • Fix sys.path.insert in docs/, by adding the paths that must be included in PYHTONPATH to import all modules needed by those to be documented.
  • If you don’t have it installed, install Sphinx. This can be done, for example, using pip:
pip install sphinx
  • Run:
cd docs
make html

This will try to build all HTML content in html directory under BUILDDIR, as defined in docs/Makefile (which should exist). Therefore, change that variable to your taste.

If there are changes in the list of modules

cd docs
mkdir ../percevalsphinx-apidoc
sphinx-apidoc --force -d 4 -o . ../percevalsphinx-apidoc --force -d 4 -o . ../perceval
make html

More information about documenting with Sphinx